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Power Rangers (2017)
I admit I was more of a casual fan of Power Rangers as a kid. I watched it, I liked it, I'd tune in on occasions, but I wasn't overly obsessed with it like I was with, say, Pokémon. If I do have some extensive knowledge of other series, it's mostly because I've seen the web series "History of Power Rangers" (I'll put a link at the end). When I saw the trailers for the new movie reboot, I was admittedly skeptical and was kind of worried it was gonna be TOO serious but I was still curious. After seeing it, I have to say.....I really liked this movie. This was a lot of fun and a total blast.

Yes the movie does have a more serious tone than other Power Rangers series but it does manage to balance out that tone with some lighthearted charm, and it did not feel jarring. The characters were also really well done. All 5 Rangers felt distinct, they were all likable and they actually felt like teenagers with attitude more than the original mighty morphin rangers. It helps that the actors playing them all do a great job. They share really good chemistry and have some cool banter with each other. My personal favorite of them was RJ Cyler as Billy. As for other characters, Bryan Cranston makes for a pretty good Zordon, Bill Hader got some laughs out of me as Alpha 5 (and is actually far less annoying than the original Alpha 5), and Elizabeth Banks was a joy to watch as Rita Repulsa. The action scenes were also fun. When things start going down and the rangers have to fight the Putties get the Zords and fight Goldar, I was really into it. The climax really plays out like a big budgeted version of the show.

However there are some issues. For one, the Krispy Kreme product placement is just ridiculous. Sometimes product placement can be done well and can be subtle. But here, a major plot point in this movie hinges on a Krispy Kreme. Plus I'm pretty sure they say the words 'Krispy Kreme' more than they say the words 'Power Rangers.' Another issue that may bother some but didn't bother me too much is that the actual 'Power Rangers' stuff with the characters morphing and fighting Putties and so forth doesn't really happen until the last 20 minutes. Up to that point, its mostly just build up and them training to become Power Rangers. I can see how that would be really disappointing to people and while part of me wished they had morphed sooner part of me was also okay with it since I was so invested in these teenagers and what they were going through that I almost didn't care.

One more disappointing thing, no Bulk and Skull. Shame...

Final thoughts, I actually thought this movie was pretty good. The characters were great, the action is cool and this does manage to balance out the darker moments with the lighter moments better than I thought it would. Also, plus 10,000 points for taking a shot at Transformers. If you're a hardcore Power Rangers fan, or even just a casual one like me, you'll definitely enjoy it. There are certainly some nods and Easter eggs that fans will certainly notice, some clear ones and some where you'd have to know more about the other Power Rangers series to catch. But even if you're not a Power Rangers fan you may still find things in this movie to latch on to. I'd even go as far as to say I enjoyed this movie more than the Beauty and the Beast remake or Kong Skull Island (I apologize for nothing). So yes, I recommend seeing it.

Oh and there is a mid credits scene, so make sure you stick around for that.

History of Power Rangers link:…
Beast Sees Himself in the Mirror + film review
If I ever get turned into a beast, I prefer the one who's holding the mirror and not the one in it.
Doing something different with my review. I'm doing it in song form...

*in tune of Beauty and the Beast*

Music Note Bullet (Red) - F2U 
Tale as old as time,
Nineteen ninety one.
Classic from Disney.
Oscar nominee.
Couldn't be outdone.

They'll try anyway,
With this new remake.
Can't say that it's bad.
Didn't have much to add.
Not much of a new take.

Mostly just the same.
Weak singing from some.
Some things don't make sense.
Enchantress, I'm on the fence.
Beast's new look is dumb.

Though there's stuff I like.
Acting's good I admit,
Castle shots look nice,
Most singers suffice,
Some new songs did hit.

Remake is just fine.
Didn't waste my time.
Not at all a bust,
See it if you must.
Now to end this rhyme.

Tale decently told,
Can't replace the old,
Beauty and the Beast.
                                Music Note Bullet (Red) - F2U 

So yeah, the movie was fine. 
Lilo and Stitch
This one's safe from a live action remake.........for now.
Wolverine Then and Now + Logan review
Logan's really come a long way. Not just in his life but in the quality of his movies.

And now the review

It's hard to think how much these Wolverine movies have progressed since 2009. They started out terrible with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then they got decent with The Wolverine. Now we've got Logan, which is not only the best of the Wolverine movies, but may be one of the best movies, not just of the X-Men franchise, but of the superhero genre as a whole. There is a lot of things to love about this, so I'll just list some negatives I have with it.

1.) The death of one of the villains. This is really more nitpicking but one of the villains had a very satisfying death scene and the other (also it's not technically a spoiler by saying the villains die because....well I'm sure you knew that already).
2.) Nothing else

Yeah, that's all my negatives. I absolutely love everything about this movie. Firstly, the action. THIS is the Wolverine action fans have been waiting to see in the movies. They totally take advantage of that R rating. Limbs are flying everywhere, blood is spewing all over the place, guys are getting stabbed in the head. This makes the action in Deadpool look like the action in an 80s Ninja Turtles episode. 

Though it's not just the action that's great. This movie is pretty much a go to example of how "dark" and "edgy" comic book movies are supposed to be done. It's not through moping around contemplating your existence and meaning, it's not looking sad and depressed all the time with a gray color scheme, it's not pointlessly killing off a main character with a kryptonite spear in an attempt to get people upset even though they know he'll be back for Justice League and......sorry I went off on a rant there. Anyway, unlike some others that claim to be dark and edgy, Logan is truly, TRULY dark. It is bleak and it is downright depressing at times. But given the story at hand, it makes sense for it to go dark. Wolverine is near the end of his run. He's sick, he's not healing well and all of the X-Men, people who he did get close to, are dead. But, I said it's only depressing AT TIMES. There are still moments of levity and genuinely funny lines (particularly from Xavier) and several moments when the characters act like human beings amidst the grim situations. THIS IS HOW YOU DO DARK CORRECTLY.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are still amazing as Wolverine and Xavier (though that's a given, even in the bad movies) but this is probably the best they've been as these characters. Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce was really great and menacing in this. Stephen Merchant as Caliban was a nice addition. Though Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23 was really a show stealer. She doesn't speak for a majority of the movie but she is able to sell her scenes every time. For a child actress, that's quite an accomplishment. Plus she is really awesome in the action scenes. If any movie can make you feel intimidated by an 11 year old girl, this'll be it.

Final thoughts, I absolutely loved Logan. The action was amazing, the characters were engaging, the acting was great, and it hits you with emotional gut punches. I'm man enough to admit that I cried towards the end of the movie. It really feels like the proper end to Wolverine's story. Granted I'm sure Fox will try casting someone else down the road, but it's hard to imagine them coming close to how Hugh Jackman has played him. He's been playing this role for 17 years and it is kind of sad to see him leave. But if you're gonna go I say go out on a high note, and this movie really left the character on a high note.
Troop Boys
What you gonna do when they come for you? Honestly nothing. They'd miss regardless.


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